"Empowered Women Empower Women"

As part of a rare breed of women within the streetwear community, I encourage you to recognize a few truths.

  1. There is nothing more powerful than when women unite, PERIOD.
  2. Encouraging women to strive towards their passion is something that will never be forgotten.

Socially, I think we’ve all been conditioned to constantly scrutinize, compare, and judge exteriors that we forget how much more successful we can be as a unit.

Tearing people down that are in the pursuit of a higher purpose conditions future generations to withdraw from learning a new trade or to trust their own abilities. This creates a fear of following your dreams or passion and becoming your own individual.

 Empowering women through upcycled fashion in streetwear

Far too many take easier paths and prematurely give up on their dreams because they thrive on social acceptance.

It took me a while and inner work to overcome the mental nay saying cycle. I’d catch myself joining in with the negativity when thinking of starting my own clothing brand.

When in reality, I needed to prepare myself for the risks of making this type of career change.

I personally just don’t find value in being held captive by the thoughts of others. So…. I just pushed myself harder. I found that it wasn’t just about me or the fashion community anymore. It was about everyone that’s ever been told they cannot or should not, do something, specifically women.


My brand created a safe space for me and eventually to many others the more successful I became. From there, my mission was simple.

Never dim your light because it’s shining too bright in someone else’s eyes. Your peace depends on how deeply you embrace your individuality.

I realized through empowering myself, taking control of my own reality, and taking the risk for myself that I would hopefully one day be paving the way for women like me who don’t take no for an answer.


To sum it up…

I challenge you, whoever is reading this to think of times that you have held yourself back from learning something new or times you judged someone else for doing so. This is where the hard work begins.

Let’s aim for an inclusive community for those seeking entrepreneurship and for women that are following their passions. Let’s create a community of positive role models where we praise and complement one another for doing what’s risky instead of playing it safe.


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